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A Year of Sewing - A Look Back & New Goals

Happy New Year! Like many of you out there, I'm setting goals again for the new year! We have one goal as a family for the year and that is to "SIMPLIFY". We plan to apply that to all areas of our lives and hope that it's possible even though we are about to jump from 1 to 3 kids in the next 8 weeks or less!

But, in my sewing world, I've got a few more specific goals! First, I'm taking a look back at my 2017 sewing goals to see what actually got done and then sharing my sewing goals for 2018!

My goals for 2017 were:
1. Kimono - Sew Caroline - bought the pattern, but never made it 2. Out and About Dress - Sew Caroline - YES! I loved it and plan to make more! See the one I made here! 3. Gable Top - Indie Sew - Nope 4. Pajamas - Oliver & S - Nope 5. Adelyn Scoop Top - Simple Life Pattern Company - Nope 6. Quilt - Any Size - Does a quilted zipper pouch or stuffed animal count? 7. Make something for someone else - I made a cute vest for a friend, and several outfits f…

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