easter dress (maybe?)

This post has been a long time coming! I finished this dress a couple weeks ago and I've just been sitting around waiting to share it.

I am sharing what will hopefully be A's Easter dress. I say hopefully because you never know what's going to happen lol! There have been many times I have wanted her to wear a certain outfit on a certain day and then, life happens, and we end up in some leggings and a t-shirt!

I've waited to share because I was debating on if I should take pictures of her in it on Easter or just go ahead and share it. Since life with a toddler is so uncertain, I decided to just go ahead and share it! So, for now, I've got shots of the outfit, and hopefully, come Easter Sunday, we'll have shots of her in it, too!

This pattern is the Madeline Dress from Me Sew Crazy. It's a free pattern in sizes 2T-6, so if you like it, make sure you go grab it over on Jess's website.

What I love about this dress is that it's really easy to get creative with it. Not only is the bodice lined, but it also has what I call an "inner bodice" and an "outer bodice" which means you can have some fun mixing and matching prints and colors. I kept mine pretty simple because this was another "use what I've got" project, but I have some ideas for a few more.

The fabric I used was 2 cuts that were given to me by my grandmother. The one that I used on the inner bodice with the little flowers was also what I used on my Spring Romper. The other was this beautiful yellow gingham which I absolutely love. I don't know where she got this one, but I've got my eye on some others because right now I just want to sew all things gingham.

The pattern is pretty simple. It's a lined bodice and Jess gives great instructions for that, and then it's a gathered skirt. Just like Jess recommends, I would say to follow her guide and hem the skirt pieces before you start to gather them and attach them to the bodice.

This dress gave me another opportunity to practice sewing button holes. I love the automatic button hole feature on my Bernina 1630. I think most sewing machines have this now, so make sure you pull out your manual and give that feature a shot! I don't use the automatic button feature to put the actual buttons on, though. Something about sewing buttons on by hand just makes it feel special.

The bloomers pictured are not part of the pattern, but I thought she needed something to go with it, so I put them together with the rest of the yellow gingham fabric I had (so sad that it's gone, must get more!).

I ended up getting one shot of her in this dress, before she completely lost it...Hopefully she likes it better come Easter morning!

What's your plan for Easter? Do you find something special to wear? Do you go the matching route, coordinating route, or just hope everyone shows up without dirt on their faces?


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