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I love Christmas. It has always been my favorite time of year. It's also my husband's favorite time of year, so we have really enjoyed celebrating it together the last few years. Last year was our daughter's first Christmas. She was only 3 months old, so we didn't do a whole lot of things. We mostly slept whenever we could 😄 This year, we are doing a few more things like baking Christmas cookies, and probably taking her to meet Santa. She's already broken one Christmas tree ornament and now she's started pulling the presents out from under the tree.

When it comes to Christmas, I love tradition. I love traditional red, green, and gold decorations. I love watching White Christmas while decorating the tree. I prefer white lights over the colored lights. I love it simple and classic.

As I thought about sewing for Christmas, I thought about making some cozy Christmas plaid blankets or pillow cases, but I never found a fabric I wanted to use. Maybe next year.

Instead, I found this fun (and very non-traditional) striped fabric with metallic gold snowflakes. I love it! I kept thinking of ideas to use this fabric, but in the end, decided to make A's Christmas dress with it. You'll see from the pictures how much she loves it 😂

I went back to this pattern for the Holiday Dress by Shwin Designs. This is the pattern I used for the layered ruffle peplum top I made earlier. This time, I made a full length skirt with only one layer.

Sewing this pattern a second time made for a much smoother and faster creation. With this one, instead of just making enough bias tape for the neckline, I went ahead and made a little stash of pre-made bias tape. I'll definitely use this for future Christmas projects. 

The zipper process was still a little difficult. I haven't quite worked out all the kinks with that yet, but I'm hoping to continue to improve. However, just like last time, I am satisfied with the fact that it's facing the right direction and it goes up and down like it's supposed to! 

This dress pretty much wrapped up my holiday sewing. I'm brainstorming some more ideas to start on once I can replenish my fabric stash. 

I'm hoping to pick up some of this "Here Comes the Fun" fabric from Sew Caroline (maybe even in a knit!) and also some of this fabric from the Rifle Paper Co. collection! 

And this one...because this is reality 😀


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