my 2017 sewing goals

So, back a couple weeks ago, when everyone was making their resolutions and goals, I decided to write out some sewing goals for 2017. I mostly did it to keep myself focused and give me some direction when I am buying fabrics and notions. 

This was my original list. Over the past few weeks, as I have sewn a few more things and been discovering new patterns, I made a few tweaks to the list and wanted to share it. I am hoping that this list will help me continue to learn and grow my skills as well as continue to hone in on what I really enjoy sewing the most. I decided to keep it at 10 so I could try to do 1 project each month, and if I needed to, skip a month. The 11th one isn't a specific project, but I want to take 2 sewing classes to help me understand techniques I will need to use in some of these projects. 

So, here they are, in no particular order. I've linked up to the patterns for these in case anyone else wants to sew any of these projects! 

I hope to blog about each of these as I complete them and do a review of the patterns and how they turned out!

6. Quilt - Any Size

7. Make something for someone else (if you want to be that someone, let me know what you want!)

11. Take two sewing classes (Still deciding on the two I want to take. I'll update you when I decide)


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