the election dress

I really looked forward to election day. Not necessarily because of the election itself, (don't worry, I voted), but because I knew I'd be up really late with my husband watching the results come in. This provided a ton of time for me to start another sewing project.

As I've only been doing this for a month or so, I have limited patterns and fabrics on hand, so I decided I would attempt to piece together a pattern myself. I wanted to make A another dress, but I wanted it to have more structure to it than the peasant dress. I also wanted a cute flutter sleeve.

I grabbed a few of her dresses that I know fit her and started tracing different parts of them to come up with the pattern.

By the time a few stations were starting to call the election, I had "finished" the entire dress. I put it in quotes because I didn't have any way of finishing the neckline or the edge of the sleeves. So, this dress has a very "raw" look.

Still, I was proud. Especially when I realized the next day that the dress actually fit!

Later I started doing some research on how to get a clean, finished edge on my neckline and sleeves, and I found this amazing tutorial by Dana at Made Everyday on how to make bias tape!

Eventually, I'll make some bias tape and finish this dress, but for now, I like that I was able to piece this together and have it turn out like I envisioned!

This is the finished dress. I like the length because it works great with leggings for fall, and will be a cute tunic top as she gets older!

You can see the "raw" edges on the sleeves in this one. I did use an overlock stitch on it to keep it from fraying, but in the future, I'll definitely use some bias tape on those edges. 


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