infinity scarf

This post is a little different than the last few because I am highlighting something that I made for ME! All of my sewing projects so far have been centered around my daughter because sewing for babies is way easier and usually way cuter too!

But, I recently bought a few patterns for some things for me, so I decided to try out something else for me to get started with it. 

I've had this green gingham fabric since I bought the rest of my holiday fabrics from Joann. It was another one that I got 50% off.

I've been wanting a little something "Christmas-y" for myself to wear right now, so I decided to make a scarf. 

I searched through some tutorials, and I decided to use this one by Melanie Ham. I've watched a lot of her videos and she is very thorough in her tutorials and fun to watch. Her video includes Brooke from Girls with Glasses and they followed it up with this styling video, so you can bet I'll be checking that out, too!

This really was the easiest project I've done so far! 1 yard of fabric, 1 cut and sewing 3 seams! Done and done!

I've got a few more projects lined up to sew for myself, but I've got to buy more fabric first! I'm officially out of all my yardage and just down to some scraps! I know what's going on my Christmas list ;) 

Here's a little peak at what's coming up soon...

A's Christmas dress!


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