an accidental hobby

I recently (as in about a month ago) started sewing. Why? Because I hate running. 
What does running have to do with sewing? Nothing. But you see, I needed something for me. I needed something that could clear my mind. I wanted to have something to do everyday where I could relax, unwind and just "be". A lot of people I know use running to clear their heads. They talk about that feeling they get when they can just run and run and they don't even realize how long they've been running because their mind is "elsewhere". My mind doesn't go "elsewhere" when I run. It's very aware of the fact that my legs hurt, I can't breathe, and I've only made it about a quarter of a mile. 
Running just wasn't an option. 
So there I was, cleaning out closets (because that's fun for me) and I realized my grandmother's sewing machine that she gave me was now buried under piles of baby gear that my daughter has outgrown and we are stashing away until any future babies arrive. Next to it was a box of fabric scraps from when I made exactly one throw pillow for A's nursery. 
I decided to pull them out and go make a dress. No, I didn't know how to make a dress, nor did I even remember how to thread the sewing machine. I just sat down and hauled out all the user's manuals and went for it. I found a free pattern on the internet for a little peasant dress and started cutting. 
I didn't pre-wash my fabric. I didn't iron it. I didn't do much measuring or precise cutting. I just knew I needed to finish the dress that night. 
A couple hours (an entire Saint's game) later and I had finished. 
At that point, I knew that sewing was my running. I didn't think about anything for those 3 hours except completing that dress (and hoping that it fit A once I was done). Afterwards, I felt relaxed and accomplished.
And now I'm writing about sewing. I don't have any masterful tips for you, but I'll share how many times I stab myself with a needle or exactly how frustrated I get when I have to rip out an entire seam. And I'll share some pictures of the finished projects, whether they are good or not.
Thanks for reading. If you haven't found something for you yet (most people call them hobbies) maybe you'll enjoy sewing. Or you might just be another one of those running people. It's okay. You'll be in way better shape than me ;) 


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